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Review: Golden Tiger casino

Golden Tiger: DANGEROUS!
This casino is not reliable, we do not recommend it to our readers. You will lose money!
  • Varied games
  • Possibility to play from everywhere
  • Zero customer service
  • Difficult to withdraw your money
  • The casino is not sure
  • Ergonomics rating
  • Opinion on the games
  • Notice on withdrawals
  • Safety advisory
  • Notice on the support


There is more and more choice on the market of online casinos. This is the reason why you should choose wisely for a safe and fun experience. In the case of this casino, we were unfortunately not convinced about its reliability. We strongly recommend to play on another site for a better experience.
Golden Tiger
After to play

Under the slogan “Get the best casino bonus at Golden Tiger Casino: Participate in online casino games!”, The house introduces itself and we, casino game and casino critics, cannot resist such a statement: We should always check if a thing like that is true. Therefore, we set out to visit the Golden Tiger Casino site and this is what we have to tell you.

Our Golden Tiger casino review

Since its launch on the web about 5 years ago, Golden Tigre Casino has earned its reputation as a five-star online casino thanks to the fact that it won numerous awards, among which I can name the BEST NEW CASINO ONLINE award and the prize for BEST CASINO SERVICE. It follows that the goal of Golden Tiger Casino is to provide its players with the most entertaining and safest gaming experience available on the Internet.

golden tiger casino bonus

It is easy to say, but to achieve such a goal it is necessary to work hard. To achieve this, Golden Tiger Casino administrators have attacked the problem from several angles:

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Frequent promotions
  • Customer service very welcoming
€750 welcome package:
1st deposit
‣ 100% bonus up to €250
2nd deposit
‣ 50% bonus up to €500
  • 1) They have made a special effort to offer the player a safe, reliable and totally friendly environment to participate in online casino games without leaving home or office.
  • 2) They provide a very high welcome bonus that, at the time of writing this comment, consists of USD 1500 and one hour clock to try the free games and make as much real money to play as possible.
  • 3) Another interesting aspect of Golden Tiger Casino is that downloading the casino is free and this allows you to try the games before making any real money deposit.
  • 4) The house has a very high rate of payments (97%), even higher than the casinos that any player can find in their locality.
  • 5) When visiting the Web and interacting with it, it is a clearly remarkable fact that Golden Tiger Casino values its customers and knows that customer service tops the list of important aspects for the player. Therefore, your expert customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Golden Tiger Casino support team is always there to cover every need and the player can contact them through the free phone number, by email or using the live chat room.
  • 6) The platform of this online casino website offers more than 347 newest games in the best Las Vegas style, but online. This extensive arsenal of games combined with its excellent casino bonus means that there is something for each of the Golden Tiger Casino players: both beginners and high rollers can get a gaming experience according to their needs and circumstances.

But one of the things that surprised me the most was the originality of one of its bonds. It is about the possibility of winning and owning an adult Bengal tiger. By simply downloading the Golden Tiger Casino software and registering before April 2011, the player gets the chance to participate in this raffle every month. The winner is credited to a Bengal tiger for FREE and the house sends it directly from his home in India.

Our conclusion regarding Golden Tiger Casino is that, if you love succulent bonuses, exotic promotions and colorful online casinos with anime graphics, Golden Tigre Casino is for you.


What was your first impression about this casino?

I suspected this casino since the first impression, but I decided to give it a chance anyway because one of my friend told me about it. But I should not have listened to him. Indeed, after some games, I realized that this casino is not ideal, nor for beginners, nor for experts.

How are the withdrawals in this casino?

Well, I earned quite a lot of money on the website, but then when I want to withdraw it, it is impossible. There are so many conditions and I never actually received my money. Still waiting after several weeks, I think I will never get it.

Would you recommend this casino to other players?

Not at all. I would recommend to not waste your time and try other casinos than this one. It is simply a lost of money because it doesn't let you win or withdraw your money. Anyway, you will be better off playing on another site.

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