Playojo casino review : choose your favorite games in the online casino

Will you be able to ground well or not? Of course, that also depends largely on the requirements you set yourself for an online casino. We recommend PlayOJO Casino at least based on our own experiences! If you haven’t played at this online casino before, it’s definitely worth reading our PlayOJO review. In it we’re going to tell you all about the welcome bonus and other specials that are given out. In addition, we will discuss the security of gambling and the different categories of games. After reading our PlayOJO Casino review, at least you’ll know what you can count on when you take a gamble. Take advantage of it and see if this casino lives up to your expectations.

Welcome Bonus PlayOJO Casino

Players who are not yet familiar with PlayOJO Casino should be sure to do so to our liking. The welcome bonus offered by this casino is free of bonus conditions! This means that you can start receiving the welcome bonus in its entirety and you don’t have to play for free any winnings you earn. Speaking of this welcome bonus, we can tell you that it is completely unique.

One free spin for every dollar

With every dollar you deposit as a new player you will receive a free spin to play with. Eventually you can get up to 50 free spins at Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel, for which you will of course have to add at least $50 to your account. Once the free spins are available, you can start spinning for prizes. These will be awarded to your account at PlayOJO, after which a payout will always be possible.

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Frequent promotions
  • Customer service very welcoming
€750 welcome package:
1st deposit
‣ 100% bonus up to €250
2nd deposit
‣ 50% bonus up to €500


What is PlayOJO Casino best known for? That’s the many specials offered to gamblers. Thanks to these specials, you can regularly enjoy extra bonuses, which are sure to bring you some great prizes. At this online casino you can find, for example, the OJO Plus bonus, but also the OJO Wheel. Do you play more often ? Then you can also get all kinds of other rewards. These can be found on the rewards page of the casino itself when you are logged in.

  • OJO Plus : Thanks to the OJO Plus promotion on this casino’s website you will always get money back when you play. You can compare this to a cashback bonus like other casinos offer. Although the standard is the same, the casino bonus itself is unique. On all the casino games you can play at PlayOJO Casino you will find the OJO Plus promotion. Money played is rewarded per dollar with a 0.06% to a 0.60% cashback bonus. In addition, the money you are entitled to through the OJO Plus bonus will always be available in your account immediately after gambling. PlayOJO will also offer you the possibility to cash-out the money you are entitled to with the OJO Plus bonus.
  • OJO Wheel : If you go one level higher in PlayOJO with your account, you can start spinning the OJO Wheel by default. This bonus provides you with free spins to gamble with. By the way, it’s nice to know that your account can also be chosen randomly for a spin on the OJO Wheel. A good thing about this is that you will always win. The minimum number of free spins you can win is 5 and the maximum you can win is 80 free spins. This casino bonus also has no disadvantages when it comes to free spins. You can always pay out the winnings from the free spins from the OJO Wheel.
  • OJO Club : In the smile of PlayOJO Casino, which you’ll see when you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see what level you’re at. The more you gamble with real money, the higher and faster you will be able to level up. As we’ve already told you above, by climbing levels you can always get a spin on the OJO Wheel. Luckily, there is only one way and that is up. There is no way back at the OJO Club. Furthermore you should know that it is really important to be selected as a VIP within the OJO Club of PlayOJO. You will get VIP Bonuses. Free money can be higher and you can expect more free spins from the casino to gamble with.
  • OJO Kickers : PlayOJO Casino provides players with special Kickers bonuses. In the concept of this online casino it is explained as a personal bonus. Every day we look at the needs of players and also at where your interests lie. For example, you may be offered free spins bonuses for certain slots games that you may have played on before. In our opinion, PlayOJO Casino ensures a good customer loyalty, where you can enjoy a nice promotion every 24 hours. 

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