Zodiac Casino Review: is it really good?

This casino is not reliable, we do not recommend it to our readers. You will lose money!
  • Varied games
  • Possibility to play from everywhere
  • Zero customer service
  • Difficult to withdraw your money
  • The casino is not sure
  • Ergonomics rating
  • Opinion on the games
  • Notice on withdrawals
  • Safety advisory
  • Notice on the support


There is more and more choice on the market of online casinos. This is the reason why you should choose wisely for a safe and fun experience. In the case of this casino, we were unfortunately not convinced about its reliability. We strongly recommend to play on another site for a better experience.
After to play

Zodiac casino has Microgaming games within an astrology theme. The starry sky theme serves as the gateway to the large number of online games. As part of the CRG, Zodiac is well rooted in the industry as this organization has been active for years.

Take advantage now of the Zodiac 20 euro free bonus. The astrological Zodiac has this attractive cashback bonus for players who want to start playing online. There is an attractive cashback arrangement waiting for you: you deposit only the symbolic amount of 1 euro (!) and you immediately receive an additional 20 euros in your account! So you play immediately with 21 euros. Not too crazy, but nice for such a small deposit and 80 times the chance of a big win.

Zodiac casino 20 euro free cashback bonus

The 20 euro free bonus on a 1 euro deposit is just a small start. As soon as you go for the big money, you will be rewarded much better. They have put together a great welcome bonus package for people who deposit larger amounts. You will be rewarded up to 480 Euro in deposit bonuses.

Do you want to take the 20 euros for free with a 1 euro deposit? Then click on the banner above, install the software or play directly in your browser via your PC, tablet or mobile, register a real money account, deposit 1 euro and within 24 hours you can play with 21 euro! So you get € 20 welcome bonus if you deposit € 1,- into your account! This means that you have 80 chances to win the Mega Moolah Jackpot! This slot has already received high prizes in the past. The jackpot is always at least 1 million, but always grows to a multiple in a few months. Partly because of this high jackpot this is one of Microgaming’s most famous games and the game is also record holder with the highest jackpot ever paid out.

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Frequent promotions
  • Customer service very welcoming
€750 welcome package:
1st deposit
‣ 100% bonus up to €250
2nd deposit
‣ 50% bonus up to €500

Please note: as soon as you click on the banner above to go to the Zodiac promotion page; before downloading the software, first click on the currency icon in the top right corner and change ‘US’ to ‘Euro’ to display your bonus in Euros. What’s not unimportant either, is that you make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions. Many problems of players you read online, are caused by the fact that these players don’t read the bonus terms or don’t read them properly. They see an interesting bonus, decide to play and have no idea which conditions apply to the bonus they have seen.

An important part of a bonus, for example, is the wager. The wager tells you how many times you need to wager a bonus before you can cash-out your potential winnings. What also often happens is that there is a maximum wager on a bonus and you can, for example, bet up to a maximum of 4 euros per spin. If you go over this, the casino will cancel your bonus and forfeit your winnings. It’s just a shame and it’s your own fault because by accepting the bonus, you agree to the terms and conditions of that bonus. At Zodiac, the wager is pretty solid because you have to wager the bonus 60x where 35x or 40x is common.

Zodiac Casino 80 free spins

Although the 80 free spins action hasn’t been going on for some time now, this party remains undiminished popular because of the deposit bonus, but also because of the following 100% bonus up to 100 euro and the extensive loyalty program.


What was your first impression about this casino?

I suspected this casino since the first impression, but I decided to give it a chance anyway because one of my friend told me about it. But I should not have listened to him. Indeed, after some games, I realized that this casino is not ideal, nor for beginners, nor for experts.

How are the withdrawals in this casino?

Well, I earned quite a lot of money on the website, but then when I want to withdraw it, it is impossible. There are so many conditions and I never actually received my money. Still waiting after several weeks, I think I will never get it.

Would you recommend this casino to other players?

Not at all. I would recommend to not waste your time and try other casinos than this one. It is simply a lost of money because it doesn't let you win or withdraw your money. Anyway, you will be better off playing on another site.

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